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07 août 2009

TUTORIAL - Image Transfer with GelMedium + BAGS

HELLO ! BONJOUR ! IAORANA everyone !!! well well... i was looking at some old post from my previous blog and i thought to post this one here again bcos...not only it's sooo cool but you can do lots of things with this technique (and since...i didn't have that many visitors then... i thought to share this technique again with you all :) .. check it out... a Tutorial on transfering an image with Gel Medium ! (and Thanks Rob for the tips for this technique !! :) The story is ... back few years ago...i went to a Mixed Media class to... [Lire la suite]
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26 juillet 2009


Bonjour everyone !!well well well... it's been busy... the blue sky is back (although very cold :(... we're making the most of it ................. Anyway... we're starting this week with a Tutorial for an Explosion card ! i know... it's been done quite some time ago (i've started stamping back in 1996!) and... i don't claim to know everything ohh noooo... too much to try and it would cost too much money to follow each trend, but all those cool techniques seem to come back using new stamps, new scrapbooking papers and it becomes...... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2009

TUTORIAL - UTEE, SneakPeak SS no 16.

Bonjour everyone !!i am sooo sorry for not being present here in my own blog and ...let alone visiting you as well :(  and for those who have subscribed to my newsletter, THANK YOU for supporting me and my blog for trusting me ... i will try to be a bit more regular's been busy :).. and... eventhough i havent posted for nearly 10 days... hehehe !! don't worry i won't wear you down with my chit-chat :)  in fact... i'll be quick and straight to the point :)but.... i still have to chat first about my shoes last... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2009


Bonjour everyone !!Hope you all had a cool week-end ?? well.... we're starting this Monday with another Tutorial here and will explore the Chalks with the 'Chalk popping' technique so.... let's get our Chalk out shall we ??This technique is soooo easy and so effective, i will show you briefly how to do this .....Coucou tt le monde !!Vous avez passe' un super week-end ?? Bon alors... on commence ce Lundi avec un autre Pas-a-pas en explorant Les Craies  avec la 'Chalk Popping' technique.... (pffff bon... je suis sure que vous avez... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2009

TUTORIAL - 'OPALITE' and the Beauty of metallic inks...

Bonjour Everyone !!!Well...we're starting fresh this Monday with: My First Tutorial for 2009.... i was planning this for quite some time, in fact ...for last year but ... with lack of time, it didn't happen.  So.... for until whenever i can, i will share with you some Tutorials, tips ect... from few things i've learned through my years in stamping...well remember... I AM a stamper addict for once (scrapbooking came few years after hehehe :) ... and i've read one day in a magazine someone saying that...: A stamper stays a stamper... [Lire la suite]
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