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05 septembre 2009

PINK Tag !!!

Bonjour, IaOrana, Hello everyone !!! Il y a ce tout nouveau tag qui circule en ce moment et que j'ai trouve' suuuuper cool !!  En qui me remet serieusement a ma photographie alors la... un delice :)... donc... le tag s'agit de photographier 7 choses de couleur ROSE qui nous entourent !!ah ah... pour celles qui me connaissent bien.. bon mis a part le dominant NOIR (eh ben oui... ca aminci !! bon pour les fringues ect...) mais aussi dans mon scrap, je suis toutefois tres GIRLY PINK !! alors... voici la selection de... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2009

Tagged !!! Sketch from DEBBY (ELFES & Co)

Bonjour everyone !!!quick post here... to follow up my tag !! yes yes !! i've been tagged again ...although it's been a long time so...quite enjoyed being tagged !! in fact... by 2 people... LOrd Eoghann and Janique so here it goes like this.... Coucou tt le monde !!!bon... un autre poste en vits.... si si je vous jure :) en vist...parce que  j'ai ete' tagguee... ouhhh ca faisait bien longtemps alors... ca m'a fait super plaisir qd meme .. par Lord Eoghann et Janique aussi !!! alors... on commence... Le reglement de ce double... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2008


Heyy everyone !!well...after talking sooo much about Celine Dion Concert.... welll you know what.... FINALLY !!! after much anticipated time...yeah... driving all the way to the venue (1h30mn) ect.. and trying to get a parking spot ect..... after the wait...even after the concert getting stuck in the parking lot for 30mn !! ... OH MY GOOSHHHHH !! it was reallyyyyyyyy worth it !! But i must say HUUUUGE THANK UUUUUU GEN (my g'friend !! becos i know ...she upgraded our tickets (since we were not many of us then to go) thankkk UUUU Gen !!... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2008

TAGGED !!! .. Taguee !!! Challenge (-08ScrapChallenge)

Hi everyone !! before i forgot.... i've been tagged by my beautiful french Online friend 'NESSA' who does beauddddiful stuffs herself so....hmmmm where do i start... i've been tagged few times before so... i don't want to repeat myself and sound booooring but.... ok....First,  Here are the rules: *tell 6 things about youself, then tag 6 other friends and let them know you've tagged them through their blogs !! Coucou tt le monde !! bon... avant que je n'oublie, j'ai ete' tagguee par ma tres belle... [Lire la suite]
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