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22 juin 2009


BONJOUR everyone !!Thank you all for your kind words... i know i said that b4, i firstly started this blog for me, for my family but little did i know i would have such a response from you all and make so many online friends, to have people coming back to read me, wowww I find that sooo amazing ! THank you again... and... i am sooo tired... we had a very busy w-end and... hmmm wet too but i must say that the Winter Magic Festival was fannntastic !! it was quite foggy and cold and at times was sprinkly but at least it wasn't too wet... [Lire la suite]
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19 juin 2009


Bonjour everyone !!Here is another post  that i dedicate 'SPECIALLY for BABIES'... and gifts that i made for friends who gave birth recently to their sooo cute baby boys ... Starting FIRST with a page that ive done for BABY DANAEL... Gaminezarbie has kindly asked me to participate to her challenge in which we had to scrap a photo of her son (photo picked through her blog) and i made this... eventhough i was running out of time (it's pretty busy here working ect...) but i thoroughly enjoyed scrapping someone's else photo...... [Lire la suite]
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16 juin 2009

AWEEEESOME W-END in BRISBANE, ScrapSanct. challng no17

Bonjour everyone !!okay friends and anonymous visitors ... it's going to be a lonnng post so... either scroll down to the bottom for photos or... u can just read me if you want :) ??? Coucou tt le monde !! bon... allez les copines, et les copains... et les visiteurs anonymes... avant de commencer... je pense que ca va etre un lonnnng poste alors.... soit vous allez jusqu'en bas pour voir ma page et ma carte que j'ai fais ou sinon vous avez une heure ou deux... non non je deconne !!!! j'ai DH qui risque de raler alors... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2009

Tagged !!! Sketch from DEBBY (ELFES & Co)

Bonjour everyone !!!quick post here... to follow up my tag !! yes yes !! i've been tagged again ...although it's been a long time so...quite enjoyed being tagged !! in fact... by 2 people... LOrd Eoghann and Janique so here it goes like this.... Coucou tt le monde !!!bon... un autre poste en vits.... si si je vous jure :) en vist...parce que  j'ai ete' tagguee... ouhhh ca faisait bien longtemps alors... ca m'a fait super plaisir qd meme .. par Lord Eoghann et Janique aussi !!! alors... on commence... Le reglement de ce double... [Lire la suite]
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06 juin 2009

W'SHOP 3... Home DEco with Wire...

BONJOUR everyone !!just posting a quick one here !! by the time you read this...i'm actually taking the plane to Brisbane for 3 days wooohoooo !! going to the Brisbane Scrap Expo !! oh my goshh !! it's my first time that i travel sooo far for a scrap EXpo !! (well... i dream one day to go at CHA in the US or to VERSION SCRAP in France....sigh...but for those... it's still out of my reach so :(  never mind.... BRISBANE will do for now huh ?? :) and... hopefully will be also able to catch-up with Lu, Cass or Jill (the talented... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2009

TUTORIAL - UTEE, SneakPeak SS no 16.

Bonjour everyone !!i am sooo sorry for not being present here in my own blog and ...let alone visiting you as well :(  and for those who have subscribed to my newsletter, THANK YOU for supporting me and my blog for trusting me ... i will try to be a bit more regular's been busy :).. and... eventhough i havent posted for nearly 10 days... hehehe !! don't worry i won't wear you down with my chit-chat :)  in fact... i'll be quick and straight to the point :)but.... i still have to chat first about my shoes last... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2009

NEW SHOOOOOES to die for !!!!!!!!!!!

Bonjour everyone !!!!oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! i've got to tell you something !!!!  quick quick... wasn't going to do a post this week but i'm sooo excited for this !!!  .... if you have followed me for quite some would know that... .i loooooooooove shoes and not the flat/comfy shoes but... high heels, over the top and crazy cool shoes huh ??!!!!!!!! well... two weeks ago on a shopping trip with my half-sister, i found ZE PERFECT SHOES !!!!!!! BUUUUUT A$150 !!! (hang was already half price !! at $299 !!)... [Lire la suite]
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17 mai 2009

ELFES & CO no. 48, Le Grimoire Sketch no 2

Hello Bonjour everyone !!'s going crazy up here.... but also lots of fun with friends who just left home yesterday !! Thank you Anne, Didier, Gen, Sam and everyone !! too short time spent together but... sooo nice !!Anyway... before i get busy with work tomorrow... Dh has been kind to let me relax and do a bit of creative stuffs (only a little bit.... not enough hours in a day :( !!!1st: with my usual participation with CHallenge Elfes no 48, offered by Petite Lune: A card with transparency... wowww i looooove working with... [Lire la suite]
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15 mai 2009

SCRAP SANCTUARY Challenge 15 - Music Band...

Bonjour everyone !!  Time for Challenge no 15 at Scrap Sanctuary.... After the scent and the perfume of the flowers in our garden , let's stay in the party mood with... music.... Our new challenge calls for ... A MUSIC BAND !!***little condition this time... add something metal/of metal look*** so... whether ROCK or CELTIC music, have fun while scrapping/or making a card inspired by a Music Band i know i have is my take with... Guns N Roses !!  (There are soo many bands out-there but... Guns N Roses just... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2009

Sketch 2 by ME....

ME AGAIN !!! well... this is a pre-post bcos.. not only am i busy working buuuut... i'm spending time this w-end with my half sister who came from O'seas :)so... showing you my Sketch no 2 yayyyy !! at my workshop last week !!! (okay.... another sketch yes, but also.. another condition was use 'old' stuffs or old papers (to use up all your stash huh ?? before buying new one hehehe !!!)  look at the amaaazing pages that ive got from the girls, aren't they aweeesome ??  check them out !!!Coucou moi encore !!! ben... je... [Lire la suite]
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