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04 avril 2012

'Teenage Clip board'

  Bonjour tout le monde !! Oh la laaa... a voir votre entousiasme... j'espere vous voir tres nombreux/ses dans notre nouveau forum !! hehehe !! bon evidemment, vous n'etes pas oblige' de faire tout nos challenges mais de tts manieres ce ne sera qu'UN challenge par mois alors ca devrait etre cool pour tout le monde !!  C'est moi qui guidera le departement du Gothique alors... ... j'espere vous inspirer et vous voir participer :) Bon sinon pour ce poste d'aujourd'hui... un clip-board pour une teenage qui fetera son... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2011

Fashion Deco

Bonjouuur tout le monde !! Vous passez de bonnes vacances ensoleille's ?? ohh je ne vous raconte pas que...vous allez jamais croire mais ... le  jour ou j'ai poste' mon poste precedent...ou je disais qu'il faisait siiii froid... hey ben... tard l'apres-midi meme, on a eut droit a une petite tombee de ne vous raconte pas ...c'etait trooo beau !! bon d'accord... c'est jamais aussi epais que chez vous mais bon... juste le temps d'avoir un petit tapis blanc et prendre qlqs photos hehehe !!! en tous cas, tout simplement... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2011

Altered Canvas In Memorie of MOIJA ... for Nina

Bonjouuuur Ia Orana tout le monde.... Y'a quelque temps... (en mi-novembre) par respect d'une amie, je suis allee a l'enterrement de sa Mere que je ne connaissais pas.  Je crois que pour bcp, meme si on dit que... 'C'est la vie! ou bien... 'ca arrive a tout le monde'...on n'est jamais tres a l'aise avec ces choses-la et c'est toujours triste.  J'y suis quand meme allee et j'ai ete' surprise du deroulement... je dois dire qu'il faisait un temps magnifique, et l'endroit de la ceremonie tres reposant.  Meme si je ne... [Lire la suite]
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19 juin 2009


Bonjour everyone !!Here is another post  that i dedicate 'SPECIALLY for BABIES'... and gifts that i made for friends who gave birth recently to their sooo cute baby boys ... Starting FIRST with a page that ive done for BABY DANAEL... Gaminezarbie has kindly asked me to participate to her challenge in which we had to scrap a photo of her son (photo picked through her blog) and i made this... eventhough i was running out of time (it's pretty busy here working ect...) but i thoroughly enjoyed scrapping someone's else photo...... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2009


Bonjour everyone !!A quick post here ?? yeahhhh let's make it quick hehehe !!!My friend Fabienne sent me heaps of photos of her daughter  and... fell in love instantly with this cute photo and got soooo inspired !!.... look what ive made with it ... (and you know what ??  i instantly wanted to use this paper from UrbanLilly to match the little girl's dress, that little gorgeous baby girl's name is: Lilly-Rose and the paper ?? BabyLilly.... can u believe this ?? THAT was a sign that it was going to work perfectly... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2008


HI EVERYONE !!! Thank you for your comments on my 'squashed book', it does look every effective and really's not that difficult...Anyway, another xmas project here... (i am sooo late with my xmas cards's already first week of december oh noooooo).... made this cute card here for an order and.. a xmas bauble that i wrote on with some kindy glitz and covered all the writing with some xtra fine clear glitter, shake the excess, let it dry and add ribbon... i think i might do this for a workshop next week at school... it was... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2008

'DARK ANGEL' on canvas, Janique's page for my Journal

BONJOUR EVERYONE !!! woww...time really flies !!!! it's already 2nd week of school holiday... pffff nothing exciting but at least....we're kind of relaxed of doing...nothing huh ? hehehe !! Anyway ...posting a Canvas that i've done here.  Check out the beaudiiiiiful foto of my friend Amanda ! To thank her for going along with my 'crazy photography ideas', i made her this canvas.  looove the result !!  (some stamps from Stampin'up and pp from INK by Steph).... Coucou tt le monde !! que le temps passe siiiiii... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2008

Altered Box for my Friend :)

BONJOUR everyone !! well... a big thank youuuuu to all for your note of encouragements for our new little baby blog (Scrap Sanctuary), hope you'll be able to join us for some exciting projects !! it's not only 'scrap' but a bit of everything to make it interesting.  i'm soooo excited about this !!!! yessss !!! come along and play... it will be fun !!! that i've given back the keys of those lovelly guest houses i was cleaning, ...well... im freeeeee !!!  i absolutely loved it to bit to do this job but...on a... [Lire la suite]
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28 juillet 2008

Mini PAPER BAG album, Val's Card, JULIE HEARD page journal

Hi everyone !! well well well.... i have been soooooo busy.... and yessss !! i kind of work a little bit...doing cleaning in Guests houses and's fun and sooo cool to have a little bit of xtra cash now and then.  Again... can't thank you enough MARIE for getting me these little jobs !!! so kind of you !!  well...i said...not much scrapping but...i still really wanted to show u my mini BROWN PAPER BAG MINI ALBUM !! i've done a class some 3 years ago with the ...oh sooo talented Michelle Sultana down in Penrith's... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2008

Home Shape UPZ kit from TLC

Hi everyone.... i was saying below that...sigh.... i feel utterly exhausted.... my brain has ... a thousand things in there.. i feel nothing xciting is happening to me on a creative level... i also started to help at school at the Uniform shop (mind's voluntary work !!).... sooo many issues on a personal level ect...and I NEED to clean/de-clutter my 'Studio'..... so... as much as i loooooove blogging and visiting everyone's blogs, (it's my escape !!),   i will take a 2 weeks break from my pc :(   ...i... [Lire la suite]
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