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10 décembre 2008

My mini photo exhibition ....

Heyyy there.... just showing you a pic from my mini mini mini mini photo exhibition of last month.  It was for a local school where i used to take some photography class and every end of the year, the school exhibit beaudiful artwork from students of the school and also photo-artwork from parents.  I'm not from the school but ever since that photoclass with the talented Bette M., the girls always invite me to enter my stuffs.  Well...again this year,  i haven't sold any prints there ... (and eventhough i knew... [Lire la suite]
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23 juin 2008

Winter Magic Festival 08(PHOTOS), DayOut in City, 'Pour Toi' Acetate card

Hi there !!! oh maaaann !! what a busy w-end we had !! and wowwwwww !! what a fantastic weather for the 'Winter Magic Festival' !! i mean...usually it would be freeeezing, foggy, raining ...but not last fact...just amaaaazingly beautiful !!!  Such a pity i missed the actual parade but i still got a glimpse of few dressed up people at the main street in Katoomba.  Well...just make me think year , i'll be in for sure !!!  Anyway... a little glimpse of this... but if you have a chance to check it... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2008

Our 13th Wedding Anniversary !!

.... ahhhhhhhh ....that was 13 years ago....with my Australian Prince...and we got married in Tahiti literally under the stars... at the beautiful Beachcomber Intercontinental Resort...with 45 guests (including children)...  sooo nice and sooo romantic....cept that...during the night..instead of staying in a beautiful bungalow on water... we had to evacuate and stay in a normal room because of the tide (very weird indeed.... the perfect weather, no wind, no rain... but the tide and the moving water...woooooh scary !!)  ....... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2008

Welcome to my new Home/blog ! Bienvenue dans mon nouvo blog !!

Yayyyy !! Welcome to my new Home/blog ! So if you're reading me, thank you all and hope you'll still enjoy visiting me ...and...leaving me a nice word ! it took me sooo long bcos....i AM SOOO hopeless to do this and big THANK U to my sister-in-law Nat (who lives in Tahiti !!) to do my banner in so short time little info from me !! i know there were few of you who wanted to help me, so cool of you but...i'm too hopeless with this so...this will do until i find more time to work it out by m'self ! i'm still learning with this... [Lire la suite]
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