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02 octobre 2009

Random Pick for my CJ, Mel's Calendar :)

BONZOUR.... Ia Orana....HELoooooo tout le monde !!! Un tout petit poste-la parce que .... oui alors.... depuis le temps que je devais tirer au sort un nom pour mes pages de CJ....  on est deja Octobre alors... c'est le moment hein ?? mdr !!!(merci a toi Jolia pour ton lien du 'TheHat' mais.... j'arrive pas a le faire correctement et puis comme j'ai pas tro le temps de bien lire les trucs alors.... j'ai du le faire 'manuellement' avec ma tite Anais qui a tire' au sort le nom d'une participante pour mon CJ (j'y ai tout mis, inclu... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2009


Bonjour everyone !!!!  my apologies for taking this long to close my pick at random but... it's school holidays till 29 jan. and... we're sooo busy doing the 'tourist' thing with Orlane and our kids..... butoH MY GOSHHH thank youuuu soooo much for taking time to leave me a comment here... i really really appreciate this, you've got no idea !!! it just warms my heart and i just wish i could send a little something to everyone but.... i'll have no money to buy myself some scrap supplies huh? hehehe :)  Anyway....... drum... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2009

Happy 2nd BlogBirthday !!!

Bonjour everyone !! guess what ?? it's been 2 years that i have been blogging, isn't this amaazing ?? I would have never imagined few years ago that i would even have a blog, let alone keeping it alive for 2 years !! and this... thank you TO ALL OF YOU to come by, to visit, to leave me a comment or two, to encourage me with my work, and encourage me when i'm a little bit low in spirit ....SO AGAIN... thank YOU all !!!I remember to start my first blog with Blogspot... which i changed after a while bcos it was toooo slow for... [Lire la suite]
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