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Blog anglo-francais ou je partage mon obsession avec les trucs creatifs un peu de ma vie ordinaire...........French/english blog where i share with u my obsession with crafty stuffs and..a bit of my ordinary life !

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Aust Papercraft Issue64, May07 (Altered Cigar box) AustPaperCraft, issue 51 April06 (Keeping it Bright!) Forkeeps mag AustPaperCraft, issue 67, Aug07 (IslandDreams) Scrapbooking Memories Vol6 no12 Aug05(left page) Scrapbooking Memories Vol6 no12 Aug05(right page) Aust Papercraft Issue49 Feb Stamp Aust Papercraft Issue46 Nov05 (Cards of virtue) Handmade mags vol 23 no4, May06 (3-stamped canvas) Stamp Stamp Stamp Aust Papercraft Issue64, May07 (lippy tin) Aust Papercraft Issue 64, May07 (lip tin opened) Aust Papercraft Issue 60, Jan07 (Desk set) 'SoLucky' Aust 'Moi' Aust