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Blog anglo-francais ou je partage mon obsession avec les trucs creatifs un peu de ma vie ordinaire...........French/english blog where i share with u my obsession with crafty stuffs and..a bit of my ordinary life !

My CJ 'Are U Gothic/Faeric?'

Dimention: 15cmH x 21cmL
Front/Devant: Your page
Back/Derriere: Your details/blog/foto ect...

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MY GOTHIC:FAERIC CJ cover From SUSAN G. (GOTHIC) From NELLY (GOTHIC) From NELLY (FAERIC) From NATE (GOTHIC) From NICOLE (GOTHIC) From CHRIST (GOTHIC) From VAMPINOUX Juliasalinger MandySea Eoghann ValDULac Chantalyon ROWAN LaBRetoccitane NICOLE (DestinationScrap) Jolia Mamypassion Cocoloko Angelthim Carte/CJ Gagaie Peppette Briggitt Kinou40 Chatou Parvati